The Utz’ K’aslimaal Collective 

Almost all indigenous cultures around the world have a unique understanding of what it means to live the Good Life. For the Mayan Tz’utujil people of Guatemala, the Good Life, or Utz’ K’aslimaal, is characterized by a life of balance, of proper relationships with the community and the land which holds them, and the fullness of a simple life lived well.

The Utz’ K’aslimaal Collective believes that the indigenous concept of the Good Life and the inimitable worldview of the Mayan peoples from Guatemala especially, offers needed guidance, wisdom, and a practical path forward in the light of the multiple crises we collectively face on a global scale.

Through our connections with the indigenous communities and territories around Guatemala, and through the ecological development of a small piece of land in Santiago Atitlan, we hope to offer a glimpse into how the Good Life might open pathways for the construction of sustainable, just, and balanced communities around the world.